Heybeta makes working with beta-readers simple, easy, and hassle-free...

...by organizing all your beta readers and their feedback in one, secure place.

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Stop wasting time and energy chasing down unresponsive beta readers, juggling file formats, searching for lost feedback, and managing everything on your own. Use Heybeta and you’ll have more time and energy for the things you love:

Writing Books - World-Building - Crafting Characters - Creating Stories

Many of the world’s most successful authors (both indie and traditionally published) use beta readers to help them catch mistakes they can’t see, fill up plot holes, fine-tune characters and make their books the best they can be before publishing.

But for most authors, managing multiple beta readers and all their feedback on their own can be a time-wasting, creative-energy-sucking pain.

That’s why we created Heybeta - to make the beta reader process simple and easy for everyone involved.

You’ve made do with Google Docs and emails in the past...

Imagine using a dedicated tool, specifically designed from the ground up to help authors like you manage their beta readers.

Heybeta is that tool.

How Heybeta Can Help You

Designed to keep your books safe & secure.

As a street-wise indie author, you need to be able to trust online software will keep your precious books safe from thieves and copycats. That’s why Heybeta users can only read what you give them express permission to - and only on our site. There’s no link-sharing, no downloads, and you can retract access to your books at any time.

Know exactly who’s reading your book.

Tired of beta readers ghosting you and your WIP (Work-In-Progress)? Heybeta will help you cultivate a team of engaged, reliable beta readers by showing you who’s read what, and who’s leaving you hanging. Bottom line: with Heybeta, you’ll never have to ask “Who’s actually reading my book?” or “How far have they read?” again.

Heybeta brings you closer to publication.

For many authors, writing a book is like climbing a mountain - it takes serious grit and dedication to reach the summit and publish! Think of Heybeta like a helicopter you can use to skip the slog and fly right to the top. We make working with beta readers simple and easy - so you can focus on implementing their feedback and finishing your book.

Your books, your beta readers.

You worked hard to find your best beta readers. The last thing we want to do is undermine those relationships! So, we promise to never share your beta readers with any other authors on our site. That means no ads, no “recommendations”, no newsletter features, nada. As long as you use Heybeta, your beta readers will remain yours.

Super-charge your revision and editing process.

Tired of beta readers asking for your book and sending you feedback in 5 different formats? Heybeta makes life simpler: one format to upload your book, and one way for beta readers to deliver feedback. No more scrolling through Google Docs, searching through emails and Dropbox, or wasting time creating unwieldy spreadsheets.

Why We Created Heybeta

After years of both hearing about these frustrations, and dealing with them ourselves, we decided to fix the problem.

Emails and Google Docs had gotten us (and many of the 1000s of indie authors we've worked with over the years) far, but we knew something better was possible.

So we got to work creating a platform we, and other writers and authors like us, could use to securely share our manuscripts and WIPs with beta readers, clearly track which readers were reading, and easily keep all their feedback organized in one place.

Less than a year of mad-scientist coding and hard work later, and Heybeta was born!

We feel this platform is just what you need, because it's exactly what we needed as writers and authors frustrated with the hassle of working with beta readers.

We believe the world needs more of the great books passionate indie authors like you can publish. And we believe Heybeta is just the tool to help authors like you publish your books, and get them in the hands of happy readers - where they belong!

Heybeta not only makes the beta reader process simple, easy and hassle-free, it's also:

  • Priced right for indie authors
  • Free for readers (and always will be!)
  • And a safe, secure place to both share your books...
  • ...and bring your beta readers (we never share beta readers around our site)

Try our platform and we're confident you'll be hooked for the rest of your writer career!

The beta reader dream of a team of reliable readers who get high-quality feedback to you on time, every time, and help you turn your book into a masterpiece, one you can be sure your readers will love…

...lives here at Heybeta!

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$70 year  or $7 month

  • 2 Pen Names
  • 25 Readers per Book
  • Unlimited Books
  • Track Reader Progress
  • Organize Reader Feedback
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No! We created Heybeta to be a secure place you can share your work. No one on the site (not even us) can download or share your work with anyone else. When it comes to who can see your books, you're in complete control.

  • No! Again, the only person who can share your books with other people is you.

  • Never! We know you worked hard to find your best beta readers - the last thing we want to do is undermine those relationships by sharing them with other authors on our site. Whatever beta readers you bring to Heybeta will stay your beta readers.

  • No, Heybeta will always be free for beta readers.

  • Yes, readers need to create a Heybeta account to access, read and leave feedback on your books. This is how we make sure your books stay private, safe and secure. And, we made the sign-up process super simple and easy - readers can sign up and start giving you feedback on your books in just a couple minutes.

  • Google Docs is a great tool, but it's not designed specifically to make beta reading easier and more enjoyable for indie authors. Heybeta is! Google Docs are easily shared, but not so easily kept secure, and unless you create a copy for each reader (which can quickly get out of hand), readers can see each others comments, which we’ve seen lead to group-think, and poorer-quality feedback than you deserve. Heybeta makes it easy to securely share your books with multiple readers, and keeps all feedback private to you, and you alone.

  • Of course! Many of our users start with low numbers of beta readers and, once they realize how easy the process is using Heybeta, take on more beta readers to super-charge their editing/revision process.

  • Based on the feedback of writers and authors like you, we’ve kept beta reader feedback to chapter-by-chapter summaries for now. This helps make sure beta readers remain beta readers, helping you catch plot holes, polish boring sections, and fine-tune characters - as opposed to editors, suggesting line edits and trying to change your voice!

  • No, to help authors on Heybeta keep the beta readers they worked hard to find (and train!), we do not offer features that connect authors and beta readers. You're responsible for finding and bringing your own readers to Heybeta.

  • Most authors we spoke to found beta readers from one of two places: 1. Their circle of friends, family and community. Sometimes, the people that know you best are the best people to critique your work. 2. Their own audience. Often, your best beta readers can be found right under your nose, among the people who already know and love your work! If you can't find any beta readers from those two places, we recommend joining a beta reader Facebook group (there are many), or finding beta readers on Goodreads.

  • No, all feedback on your books (whether you have 2 beta readers or 20) can only be seen by you.

  • Yes, of course! You'll retain 100% ownership of anything you upload to Heybeta - always.

  • No, the only people who can see your books on Heybeta are you, and the people you specifically invite to beta read. We have no master-list of books, and no way for readers or authors to search for other books on the site. We designed Heybeta this way to help keep your beta readers your beta readers.

  • We made it easy to upload your work to Heybeta, no matter what program you're using to write. You can upload your entire manuscript all at once, or chapter-by-chapter.

  • You can invite new readers with a click of the "Invite New Readers" button! We made it easy for you to invite multiple readers at once, with a personal message and specific instructions of what kind of feedback you're looking for. Each reader will then get an email from us, with a unique sharing link (that expires within 24 hours and can only be used once) they can use to access your book.

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